I’d like to see some pics too close up of the real clubs. I’m also going to hack a while longer with my Orlimar driver. You should check them out, good clubs for great price. Ping was the inventor of the cavity backed iron, and now, every company in our industry has a cavity backed iron. I have a set of irons 3-PW that I bought a year ago.

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BaldTexan 63 years old. Thanks for the feedback!

Any GigaGolf Fans?

What is the best selection of clubs to complete the set? I would say it probably far predates that. Pinemeadow Golf Command Q. I guess I can say it lacks the “punch” and smoothness I expected with that much club mass.

GigaGolf does not sell components separately, they only sell custom assembled clubs. This would give you your set of irons. This opinion comes from the fact that most “clone” companies are interested in making sales by directly comparing their product to large brands. It was the first time I tried a mallet-style, and I really did quite well with it. I bought the GX irons last year.

GigaGolf Turbo Power Irons

Yet another GigaGolf question It’s just a movie after all. The more I look at it, the TRX Burner clones, with graphite shafts might be the more lasting route – not quite as “beginner” as the GXs – and sound like they could allow me to shape later on in my game development.


He’s anal like me and cleans them after every round. I would question if it isnt a mental thing for the OP, either anticipating impact and sort of trying to brace for it or simply trying to swing too hard. I can really “feel” the ball, but it isn’t an uncomfortable feel.

I’m looking at replacing the hybrids and irons in my bag now that my swing is much better, but I havent even started to look at replacing my wedges.

Grips are right putter straightand there are no signs of sloppy craftsmanship here whatsoever. Giga Golf Verve The wedges come with steel shafts and have a variety of lofts. Performance wise, the wedges give you plenty of feedback on miss-hits, and are about as forgiving or lack thereof as other wedges, although I cant speak for all of them like OEM Kevin can. Last bucket was back at yds with the 6i. I like the club I ordered which is standard length driver. See more of GigaGolf on Facebook.


Sections of this page. They have an eFitSystem section to their site to help you choose the right specs for you.

For half the price of used name brand wedges, they perform quite well. I chose wait, so we will have to see if they remeber to send it. Their names are printed on all the clubs we sell.

GigaGolf will also let you customize the lie angle of the clubs. The Winn grip is excellent – very supple and tacky, but not too gushy. The same holds true for many markets. One of the lyrics is: My driver is a Cleveland hibore xls. Rhinestone shades or cheap sunglasses Still today, a expensive pair of sunglasses with a polarized gigagolff and durable frames can cost 10 times more than a gigagolc store pair. I recommend two component golf club companies GigaGolf and Hireko.

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