Evgeniy Ustinov 9 January at Antti Palosaari 11 February at This seems to work for me though the upload is slower now. There is another rare version described in Antti’s blog , which pretty much the revision with a green PCB and has some very little differences. MrMuhahaha 1 March at So it works with DVB-T only starting from 3.

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Tommi Lundell 11 September at Antti Palosaari 31 January at Notify me of new comments via email. See update below!

From manufacturer string we could guess it is AstroMeta Co. However I remember someone added another stick recently, which was also using same demodulator.

HD working with this driver whatever I did. I’m not measuring a lot of noise on the I2C bus, but something might still be going wrong there.

Astrometa AMDVBT2 and Tvheadend on Linux

Also, I extracted new demod firmware for this mn chip. Is is possible the eeprom went blank?


It is very first time when that chip is seen on PCTV device. MrMuhahaha 24 August at I would like to watch Doctor Who in HD.

I’m testing through Virtualbox-USB, which might screw up some timings, but I have the issue on another PC, without virtualisation, as well. Hi Antti, I know you deal with linux drivers, but I liux find any detailed Windows info about this stick behaviour, etc. Any progress with the driver?

Antti’s LinuxTV Blog: Naked hardware # DVB-T2 USB TV Stick HDT2

Or are you speaking Windows driver? Views Read View linhx View history. Michael Laue 16 August at This error still exists. Antti Palosaari 27 January at One for the internal demod and one for a possible external one. BUT dvb-c will not work. Posted by Antti Palosaari at When I did some tests I found that disabling chip IR interrupts helps Retrieved from ” https: You are commenting using your Twitter account.


I have read that 3. Anonymous 29 December at Do I need different include files or just a patch for the 3.

What can be wrong or how can I fix it? I never used linux before, so I am sorry if my question is lame: I think this buggy I2C issue is still HW related.

You can try to use Igor Pecovnik’s script to make a custom newer kernel. Antti Palosaari 26 September at Difference is mainly newer demodulator revision, Panasonic MN

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